PCI Compliance

For all Level 4 Merchants

Step 1:  Determine if you are a Level 4 Merchant
Definition of a Level 4 merchant:  Processing less than 1MM either Visa® or MasterCard® transactions or less than 20,000 Visa or MasterCard ecommerce transactions.

The increase in credit card fraud has created the need for merchants to protect their customers’ credit card data. The major credit card companies have developed the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). All merchants who process, transmit or store credit cardholder data must follow the steps defined in the PCI standard. Large merchants have security teams and dedicated IT staff to help protect them from security breaches.  Visa says that more than 80 percent of all identified compromises in the past two years occurred in small businesses. (http://corporate.visa.com/md/nr/press719.jsp)

Failure to comply with the PCI standard may lead to significant fines, expensive recovery costs, damage to your reputation and the inability to accept credit card payments.

First Data Merchant Services Corporation has teamed up with SecurityMetrics, Inc.® a PCI -certified assessor- to provide compliance services for your organization.  The SecurityMetrics Site Certification service delivers an online PCI self-assessment questionnaire and quarterly network scans. 

SecurityMetrics services simplify the PCI process by providing support services and other information to guide you through the compliance process.

Step 2: ACT NOW to ensure you are compliant!
If you choose to select SecurityMetrics as your vendor of choice, click here to enroll: Enroll Now.

If you prefer, you may also call SecurityMetrics at 1-800-557-4684.

Our merchants are welcome to choose any approved scan vendor to achieve PCI compliance.

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